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Getting close to the end- wow this year has flown by!  Keep working hard and doing your very best learning.

Use the activities, games and quizzes below to maximize your learning and check your understanding.  Remember, learning is what you do, NOT what happens to you...  Check back regularly; I update new content as we learn it in the classroom.

See me if you want extra help with any of the concepts.  I will be happy to book study/review time with you.  Look to the homework board for lunch and learn study times!
One of the key things to learn is that SCIENCE IS EVERYWHERE!!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Lab Safety Review game #1
Lab Safety Rules
Laboratory Equipment
WHMIS review
Atom and Element Millionaire
elements and compounds and mixtures
Elements, Mixtures, and Compounds
KS3 ideas about elements, compounds, atoms and molecules
Atom Pretest
Chemistry Pretest
Introduction to Matter - Fill-in
Atomic history
Periodic Table Review
types of elements
Periodic Table Quiz
Periodic Table Quiz # 2
Periodic Table Quiz #3
Physical Or Chemical Change?
Subatomic Particle Quiz
Electricity Basics Matching
Electricity: Conductors and Insulators
Static Electricity
Static Electricity and Electric Currents
Static Electricity Millionaire
Electricity and Circuits
Electricity Review #2
Electricity Review Rags to Riches
Electricity Unit Review
Electricity Vocabulary
Science SOL 4.3 - Electricity Pop-ups
general electricity
Astronomy: The Planets and the Universe
Astronomy "Jeopardy"
Astronomy Millionaire
Astronomy Scavenger Hunt
Astronomy vocabulary
Fun with Planets
History of Astronomy Hangman
History of Astronomy/Life Cycle of Stars
Order of planets
Space Exploration - Telescopes and finding stars
Space Exploration unit review #1
Space Exploration Vocab Review 2
Space Jeopardy
Evolution of Stars
Models of the Known Universe
Space Exploration
Biodiversity and you. Are you ready for the unit final?
Biodiversity Vocabulary Review3
Biological Diversity
biological Diversity Vocab Review2
Heredity Jeopardy!
Plant Reproduction - Flowers
Sexual vs Asexual Reproduction
Who Wants to Be A Millionaire (who also knows about biodiversity?)
Biodiversity Practice Exam #2
Biological Diversity Practice Exam
DNA Quiz
Final Exam Important Biodiversity Vocabulary
Mitosis & Meiosis Quiz
Final exam review
Chemistry Key Vocabulary Review
Electrical Principles
Electricity Key Vocab Review
Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry Key Vocab Review
Final Exam Review Vocabulary #2
Final Exam vocab review #1
Matter and Chemical Change
Year 9 Science Revision
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