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Hello and welcome to our class page!  I will be up dating it every week or two.  Here you will be able to see themes we are doing in our class, class news, and some other fun and interesting things!

I hope your family wasn't too upset that we didn't get any snow.  The Fletcher's were up every other hour Saturday night watching and waiting!  It seems as though every time they predict it, it never happens!

For the next 3 weeks we will be discussing different holidays.  This week we are discussing Hanukkah, next week Kwanzaa, and the following Christmas. With each of these celebrations, we will be learning about the origin, special beliefs, and some fun and interesting facts.  All of our literacy centers will revolve around these themes, starting with Hanukkah.  We will be learning and playing the dreidel game, cooking latkes, learning about the menorah, and many other things.  Next week we will be discussing Kwanzaa by talking about its 7 principles and symbols and writing creative stories.  Christmas will be celebrated by doing many activities such as making crystal ornaments, writing letters, and making some presents for our wonderful families!  This is such a special and exciting time for everyone!!

I hope your child has told you that our class won their second compliment party.  After brainstorming, then voting on a party, we will be having a pizza, soda, and movie party tomorrow!  I'm very proud of of class!  They have worked hard in deserving this special treat.

We should be getting our sweatshirts by Wednesday of this week. We will be making our reindeer shirts on Monday, December 11th.  I think Mrs. Navarolli is looking for some volunteers to help us.  Please call her if you can help us.

Also, December 15th, is our "learning experience" with our 5th grade buddies.  We are asked to supply treats for this event.  Last time (our Halloween learning experience) we supplied soda's and cups.  Once again if you would like to bake something or buy something, please let me know.  Those 5th graders can really eat!

The "Giving Tree" is in the front lobby.  If you want to donate any winter clothes (they do not need to be new) please send those to school.  We are also collecting books (for the very young) during this holiday season.  Once again, the books do not need to be new either.  

Have a wonderful week and weeks to come (just in case I can't find the time to update our site!)
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