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This week, 11/7 - 11/10, we are studying American Romantic literature.  We will read and discuss the following works in order:
"Rip Van Winkle" by Washington Irving, p. 152-165
"Thanatopsis" by William Cullen Bryant, p. 169-172
"The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls" and "The Cross of Snow" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, p. 175-178
"The Chambered Nautilus" and "Old Ironsides" by Oliver Wendell Holmes, p. 187-190

Friday, 11/10, there will be a quiz (daily grade) covering Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography, American Romanticism, and all of the above works.  These are short readings.  Keep up with them and answer the questions following them, and you will be ready for the quiz.  See me if you need help.

Also on Friday, we will begin our next novel.
Periods 1-4:  We will be reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X, written by Alex Haley.  Over the weekend, you will need to read through chapter four and answer the study questions you are given.  We will discuss the beginning of the book on Friday and Monday.  Be prepared for a pop quiz.
Periods 6-7:  We will be reading Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck.  Over the weekend, you will need to read through part two and be prepared for a quiz.

All classes will be keeping a dialectical journal this six weeks, which works in the following manner:
1.  Draw a line down the center of the pages in your journal, cutting it in half vertically.
2.  In the right column, copy the required number of interesting quotes from the section of the book you are reading as you read. Be sure to note the page numbers (Periods 1-4, 2 per chapter; Periods 6-7, 5 per part)
3.  In the left column, write what interested you about the quote.  Did it remind you of something/someone?  Did you wonder if they really meant what they seemed to be saying?  Did you disagree with the statements?  Did it make you sad, etc.? Be sure to write a significant amount of response and in complete sentences.  Two to three sentences per quote is usually sufficient, but feel free to add more.
4.  After doing this for a chapter or part, proofread your responses for mechanical errors and make sure quotations are properly marked.


11/10/00 - Friday - Literature quiz - daily
11/15/00 - Wednesday - Dialectical journal check - daily
11/17/00 - Friday - Vocabulary quiz #8 - daily
11/27/00 - Monday - Periods 6-7 only - Of Mice and Men quiz
11/28/00 - Tuesday - Periods 1-4 only - Malcolm X quiz to Chapter 15.
11/29/00 - Wednesday - Periods 1-4: Dialectical journal check - daily.    Periods 6-7:  Complete Dialectical journal due - major grade!
11/30/00 - Thursday - Grammar quiz
12/1/00  - Friday - Vocabulary Quiz #9
12/4/00  - Monday - Periods 1-4 only - Complete Dialectical Journal due - major grade!
12/6/00  - Wednesday - Periods 6-7 only - Of Mice and Men projects due! - 2 major grades!
12/8/00  - Friday - Vocabulary quiz #10
                   Periods 1-4 - Poetry project due
12/12/00 - Tuesday - Major Test
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