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Science Hill High School Foreign Language Department Chair/Spanish and French Instructor

Objective:  Students will become aware of and knowledgeable about the historical and cultural significance of the Dia de los muertos celebration.

Standard 2.1 - Students demonstrate knowledge and understanding of daily life, traditional ideas, and perspectives, institutions, literary and artistic expressions, and other components and aspects of the culture being studied.

Procedures for Students:

Complete the tasks listed below and place information, where appropriate, in Microsoft Word.  Complete all tasks as directed.  In groups of four, prepare a PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate your new knowledge of the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration.  Be certain to include photographs of each members "calacas".

The following three links provide you with background information about this celebration.  Access the links below and answer all questions/complete all activities. The links associated with each section of questions/activities are listed for your convenience. You may type them in or click on them --they are found under "Useful Links."  


*Answers to questions should be stated in your own words  and placed in a Microsoft Word document; only copy and paste where instructed to do so.  You may also copy and paste images which you may later place in your PowerPoint presentation.

1.  What is the purpose of the Dia de los Muertos celebration?
2.  Explain what is believed to be the origin of this celebration.
3.  What is "Katarina"?
4.  Who are "angelitos", when do they return, and what special items exist for them?
5.  What purpose do the aromas of flowers and foods serve?

6.  Listen to a sample of the music played during this celebration by clicking on "Holiday Music."
7.  Click on the photo entitled "calacas" and study the five samples of calacas.  Create one of your own.

8.  Look at the objects found in the picture of an altar designed for the Day of the Dead celebration.  Click on "text about objects" to learn about these typical altar objects.  Make a list of each object, describe it, and state its purpose.
9. http://www.mexonline.com/muertos.html
10.  "Dia de los Muertos" is an important celebration in Mexico, including Oaxaca, Mexico.  Read the description of this city's celebration, study its calendar of events, and then describe how this city celebrates the Day of the Dead.  Be certain to state how long the celebration lasts and what special events occur as part of this celebration.

11. Copy and paste the list of terms associated with the Day of the Dead celebration into Word.
12. Create and print a puzzle using these terms.

13. Copy and paste the recipes for day of the Dead bread. (At the end of this unit, we will go to the foreign Language Kitchen to make this and other recipes).
14. What other types of foods are prepared?  Describe some of them and place in Word.
15. Copy and paste the recipe for Chicken in Pipian Sauce (which we will make in the FL kitchen).  Choose other recipes of interest to you and copy and paste into Word, also.

Evaluation Procedures:
1. Pre-test to determine level of knowledge about the Day of the Dead Celebration
Post-test to determine learning as the result of having completed this unit.
Post-test: 60%
Word document showing documentation of information gathered: 5%
Brochure - 20%
Calacas - 5%
Puzzle - 5%
Cooking activities - 5%

Time Frame:
Gathering information and making calacas - 3 days
Brochure - 1 day
Post-test - 1 day (about 45 minutes)
Kitchen activities - 1 day
Useful links
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