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Hogwarts School For Wizards A place To buy your School Supplies!!
Hello Students,
This Web-page is for Students of Hogwarts School For Wizards. Here members can buy books,School Supplies, and also Quidditch Accesories! We will be checking to see if you are in the club!

Quidditch Accesories:
1.The Firebolt PRICE: 500 Galleons

2.Nimbus Two Thousand And One PRICE:300 Galleons

3.Nimbus Two Thousand PRICE:250 Galleons

1.The World Of Potions
 By Proffesor Byron
(Needed for first years)
PRICE: 13 Sickles

2.Charms Of The World
 By Proffesor Viridian
(Needed for 1st,2nd,and 3rd Years)
PRICE:15 Sickles

3. The Study Of Magical Plants: HERBOLOGY
 By Proffesor Sprout
(Needed for the first TWO years)
PRICE:11 Sickles

4. The History Of Magic
 By Proffesor Historian
(Needed for the First year)
PRICE:10 Sickles

5. The Art Of Transfiguration
 By Proffesor Tom Dell
(Needed for the first year)
PRICE:22 Sickles

6.To Tell The Future:Divinatation
 By Proffesor Sun Shine
Needed for the FIRST year)
PRICE:14 Sickles

7. Care Of Magical Creatures
 By Proffesor Zac Hanson
(Needed For the first TWO years)
PRICE:25 Sickles

8.Defense Against Dark Arts
 By Proffesor AJ Martian
(Needed for the FIRST year)
PRICE:30 Sickles

9. Begining Flying
  By Profesor Maggie Dumbledore
PRICE:14 Sickles
Note:The Books Listed will be for the first year and maybe more.

10. Quidditch Querries
   By Professor Maggie Dumbledore
PRICE:14 Sickles

11.The Study of the Stars:ASTROLOGY
   BY Professor Orion
PRICE:13 Sickles

School Supplies:
Any Color And Any Size
PRICE:15 Sickles

Any Size And Any Use of powerful magic(Unicorn Hairs, Phoenix Tail Feathers, Heartstrings Of Dragons.
PRICE:30 Knuts to 15 Sickles

1. Listening Quil
You tell it What to write and it will write it.
PRICE:30 Sickles
2.Regular Quil
PRICE:30 Knuts

1. Pewter Cauldron
PRICE:75 Galleons
2. Gold Cauldron
PRICE:100 Galleons

Brass Scales
PRICE:40 Sickles

1. Glass Phials
PRICE:50 Sickles
2. Crystal Phials
PRICE:40 Sickles

PRICE:60 Sickles

Copper Scales
PRICE:100 Knuts

Write Down All the stuff you need then Owl me the info.
If you do not Owl me the info you can not attend class.
My OWL address is: redheadedmerlin@yahoo.com.

We only have 3 of The Firebolt broomsticks. After that you have to get a differant one.

If you are not on the QUIDDITCH team you can not have a broomstick!
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