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Bienvenidos to my brand new website! In this page you will find: Notes on class discussions, graphic organizers, vocabulary lists, and an archive of recent assignments. Be sure to check out my link to the Los Angeles Times where you can find a web-based copy of the LA Times and an archive of past articles for research. Enjoy browsing!!!

Welcome to Medieval to Modern History and Geography!
In this lesson, we have been finding out about social classes in Italy during the Renaissance.

Possible research topics include:
1) identifying different social classes in other societies at different time periods and comparing them to the ones we've been studying. (particular note should be paid to the number of classes identified, the possibility of upward mobility, the percentage of society in each class).
2) identifying social classes in our society and categorizing where you think each class belongs (note: you should be able to exolain what criteria you used for categorizing each [i.e. were they separated by income level; nature of job [mental vs. manual]; work for self vs. work for others
3)  look into other socio-economic systems that focus on the eradication of social classes.  Analyze how they are different from the capitalist system of production and describe the pros and cons of the system.

Check back soon for updates on more research topics.

Welcome to US History!!!

This week we have been studying the path toward the US Constitution. We are currently listing, describing and analyzing the areas of conflict between the state and national governments under the Articles of Confederation.

Possible research topics include:

1) Assess to what extent the Constitutional form of government we presently have has resolved these conflicts. (i.e. are these conflicts still, with us? what new conflicts have entered?
2) Choose one representative's argument either for or against the ratification of the Constitution.

Check back soon for more updates on more research topics.

Homework Corner:
Don't forget!  Homework packets for current events are due every FRIDAY. Checkout the LA Times site at
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