dicenglish2 Mr. Huff
Dyer Intermediate Center English Teacher

          STUDY TIP
When studying avoid the temptaion to
call your friends by not having a
phone in the room.

Dates To Remember:

*1/12 - Half Day (Diss. 12:05) (Record Day)
*1/15 - Half Day (Diss. 12:05) (Record Day)
*1/22 - Report Cards

Tests/Important Dates:

2nd Period-
4th Period-Prepesotion Phrase Review Test Friday!
5th Period-
8th Period-
9th Period-Review test for Adverb Clauses Thursday
My Quia activities and quizzes
Extra Credit
I MUST see your screen. So you have to take this quiz in class.
Basic English Quiz: session basic english quiz
You MUST type in your full first and last name to get credit.
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