dickens Ms. Gearty
Malden High School English Department
Welcome to the Internet Lab!

 We are going on a WEBQUEST today. Your assignment will take you on a trip back to Victorian England during the time that Charles Dickens was living and writing.  You will have two days in the computer lab to gather your research and instructions.  When your research is complete, you will be prepared to do the following task:  You will assume the voice of Charles Dickens.  As Dickens, you will write a letter to introduce yourself to the class.  We will be reading your story and we want to learn more about you, the author, as well as your life and times.  Using the information gathered from the various websites we will access in the lab, you will write a letter that accurately describes you and the period in which you lived. See Type 4 assignment sheet for FCAs and procedures for letter writing.

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