dickisonhome Ms. D
Sam Rayburn Elementary 601 Homeroom
Hello, students of 601!  Welcome! :-)

This week in Spelling, we are studying commonly misspelled words.  We may need to spend some extra time studying this week in order to make a good grade on our pretest and/or test! :-)

In Social Studies, we are learning about the cultures of the world.  Before we begin a specific study, however, we need to focus on HOW we learn about the cultures and history of the world.

On Wednesdays, from 1:30-2:30, Officer Day from the Bonham Police Department will be coming to teach a DARE class.  All sixth graders are encouraged to actively participate in the class.


You all have been so well-behaved in class this week that I think I will give you Monday off!  (Haha....Monday is Labor Day, and we ALL get that day off.)  :-)

School pictures are coming up soon.....More details later.

Next Friday, September 8, will be Grandparents' Day for grades 3-6.  More details will be included in next week's post...

Have a great week!!! :-)
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