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This QUIA practice site was designed for German level I.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Komm Mit: Kapitel 1
7th grade
Komm mit! Kapitel 2 Erste Stufe
7th grade: practices the first part of chapter 2 with the sports
Komm mit! Kapitel 1: 7te. Klasse
7th grade
Komm mit! Kapitel 1: Dritte Stufe
7th grade
Upgrade of Java Quiz: Komm mit! Kapitel 1: 7te. Klasse
6th or 7th grade
Komm mit! Kapitel 1: 7te. Klasse: session kapitel 1: komm mit!
7th grade
Kapitel 1: Komm Mit! (7te Klasse)
6th or 7th grade: Good beginning vocabulary paractice
Komm mit: Kapitel 5-1, Klamotten kaufen
8th grade: Learn the clothing words
Klamotten singular and plural
8th grade: (Kapitel 5 )Works with the singular and plural forms of the clothing vocabulary
8th grade (8te Klasse or anyone that wants to practice this skill.)
Unser Klassenzimmer
6th, or 7th, or 8th: classroom objects practice
Unser Klassenzimmer
6th or 7th grade: Hangman game with classroom words
Kapitel 5: Klamotten singular and plural
8th grade: fill ins with gender and verbs and vocabulary
die Zahlen: the numbers
6th grade: the numbers from 0 - 50
6te Klasse: Kapitel 1 Neue Freunde
6th grade game to practice vocabulary of chapter 1
6th grade Chapter 1: session 6th grade chapter 1
6th grade: chapter 1 Neue Freunde: 6th grade quiz
6th grade Chapter 1
6th grade Vocabulary practice Unit 1
Kapitel 2: Komm mit! Verbs - infinitives
7th grade: practice the meanings of the verbs in their infinitive forms with English and German
Kapitel 2 Komm mit! Verb conjugations in the present tense. 7th grade
7th grade verb conjugations. Practice the forms of the verbs.
Kapitel 5: Subjects and Direct Objects
8te Klasse: Practice these grammar points using the clothing from Kapitel 5 - 1
Klamotten kaufen, Subject and direct object: session clothing fill ins kapitel 5-1
8th grade: Quiz yourself on clothing and subject and direct objects
Verb Conjugations Present tense
7th grade: Play a game with a partner or challenge yourself on Verbs in the present tense
Kapitel 5 Stufe 2 und 3
8th grade: practice the vocabulary for compliments and opinions
Kapitel 5: Verb conjugation practice
8th grade: chapter 5 verb practice
The verb : sein = to be
6th grade: Learn the verb: sein
Kapitel 5: Stufe 2 & 3
Practice and learn the vocab of chapter 5 sections 2 & 3
Kapitel 6: Mini Quiz Erste Stufe
Chapter 6: Erste Stufe vocabulary practice: 8th grade
Kapitel 6: Mini Quiz Erste Stufe: session kapitel 6: erste stufe
Take a quiz on chapter 6 vocabulary: erste Stufe and e-mail to Frau D. 8te Klasse
Verbs: Wort für den Tag 8te Klasse
Work on your verbs and their forms... 8te Klasse
German word order
Word order practice for 7te Klasse
German Word Order
7te Klasse: More Word Order Practice
Essen und Getränke: Kapitel 8
8te Klasse: practice vocabulary for food and drink
meine Familie
7te Klasse: working with vocabulary for members of the family
Meine Familie
7te Klasse: practice the vocabulary for the family by taking this mini quiz
Das Sonnensystem: vocabuary words
6te Klasse: Practice the vocabulary words for the Solar System auf deutsch. These are words 1- 26.
6te Klasse: das Sonnensystem
6te Klasse: Win a million deutsch Marks with your information on the Sonnensystem.
Die Familie: 7te Klasse Kapitel 3
practice the my, your, his, her, the and a and an with the family words
Essen Wörter
8te Klasse: Galgenspiel with food words!
Die Familie: 7te Klasse Kapitel 3: session possessive adjectives and die familie
7te Klasse: Test your knowledge of the, a, my, your, his and her with the vocabulary for die Familie
Future tense: Using "werden" !
8te Klasse: Practicing the future tense
Sonnensystem Vokablen
Practice your Sonnensystem words (submitted d. 9. April 2001)
Singular and Plural Practice
7te Klasse: Practice the plurals of nouns Kapitel 3 Komm Mit!
Singular and Plural practice
7te Klasse: Take the self quiz on the singular and plural forms.
Kapitel 3: Erste Stufe
7te Klasse: Great way to practice new vocablary
Transportation words: Kapitel 1
7te Klasse: Practice vocabulary for: Wie kommst du in die Schule?
Kapitel 1. vocabulary practice
Chapter 1 vocabulary practice
Hangman (Galgenspiel) for Wort für den Tag
Wort für den Tag: Oktober 2001
Sport und Freizeit
practice your vocabulary for sport and freetime activities. This goes with Chapter 2 Komm mit!
Verbs: tragen, suchen, sehen, laufen, brechen, sprechen, essen, helfen
practice the verb forms of: helfen, essen, sprechen, brechen, laufen, sehen, tragen and suchen
Telling Time by minutes first - (copy)
How to tell time auf deutsch...
Telling Time beginning with the hour
How to tell time using the hour
Zu Hause helfen Erste Stufe
Geography Questions to help study for the test
Geografie: Exercises to help you study for the Unit Test
Practice your vocabulary for Geography
Geography Galgenspiel (Hangman)
Practive the verb "to be" That's "sein" auf deutsch
S1 sein -
More sein practice... Learn the verb "to be"
Sein.... the verb = to be
Sein...the quiz. Test yourself on this verb
Sein.... the important verb = "to be
Practice the verb!
Kapitel 5: Erste Stufe Quiz
Check your vocab for chapter 5 part one
Kapitel 2: Writing German sentences
Practice writing sentences with the correct verb forms and present vocabulary
Das Frühstück (breakfast) - (copy)
Match the pictures of the food with the correct German word
Kapitel 2: Writing German sentences: session kapitel 2: writing german sentences
This is a quiz in which the results will be sent to me. From here I can see what you are doing wrong and help you with your individual problems.
Klamotten kaufen, Subject and direct object: session klamotten kaufen subjects and direct objects
More subj and direct object practice
Kapitel 5: Verb conjugation practice: session kapitel 5: verb conjugation practice
We have some new verbs in Kapitel 5. Here is a good way to show that you know them and test yourself.
Accusative Pronouns (ihn, sie, es) -
Practice using these words as the direct objects
The verb: aussehen
practice for the conjugation of the verb "aussehen"
Here is another place to practice the conjugation of this separable verb
More practice on the accusative. When do I change that gender?
haben = to have
Practice the verb haben = to have
haben... to have
Practice the verb "to have"
haben.... the quiz
Test yourself with the verb: to have = haben
möchten, nehmen, and essen Wort für den Tag #1, 2, & 3
möchten, nehmen, & essen: Week #1
sprechen. Wort für den Tag #4
practice conjugation and meaning of this verb
Accusative Case Pronouns
Good practice for your accusative pronouns
Muzzy Vokabeln für die 8te Klasse
Muzzy Part I Vokabeln
sprechen, helfen, fressen, brechen and geben
vergessen, verderben, unterbrechen, werfen
Kapitel 3: Erste Stufe
More vocab practice for Kapitel 3: 7te Klasse
Muzzy II
Practice the second set of Muzzy Vocabulary words
Wir sind in Gondoland. Muzzy II
Fill in missing vocabulary words from Muzzy II
House & Home
Practice what you know about the house: the outside and the rooms
Accusative Case Prepositions
BOFUDGE practice
sterben, sehen. lesen, wissen and kennen
Wort für den Tag Words
Für d. 28. Februar: waschen, schlagen, treffen, tragen und laufen
more practice
Kapitel 3: Das Haus
7 te Klasse: Practice the words used in and around the house.
Das Haus
Practice chapter 3 house words
Food and Drink
Practice your food and drink words
More separable verbs
...and still more practice on trennbare Wörter
Das Alphabet
German Days of the Week and Numbers 1-100
Die Farben
Days of the Week, Months and Seasons
Du, Ihr or Sie?
Question Words
Hallo! Wie geht's? Wie heißt du?
Kapitel E: telling time
Time phrases
Useful links
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