Kings of Wessex  
Guten Morgen Jahrgang 9,

In this lesson I would like you to work on:
(i)   developing your reading skills
(ii)  improving your word order
(iii) learn about adjectives, comparatives, superlatives

Work through the following exercises and work through your "In der Stadt" workbooklets as you go through each exercise.

Read the articles on page 18 "Wo würdest du gern leben, wenn du im Lotto gewinnen würdest?

(1) Work through the first "Rags to Riches" exercise and write in your answers on page 19
(2) Work through the Java Games exercise on Adjectives, Comparatives, Superlatives - you may wnat to print off a vocabulary sheet. Now test yourself without referring to your list using the Hangman exercise.
(3) Read the articles on page 20 of your booklets about German and English towns. Now do the gap filling exercises and write in your answers.

Work through the final Rags to Riches exercise to see what you have learnt?

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Wo würdest du gern leben, wenn du im Lotto gewinnen würdest?
Adjectives, comparatives, superlatives
Adjectives, comparatives, superlatives
Deutsche Städte, englische Städte.
In der Stadt - What have you learnt?
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