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Cambridgeport Elementary School  
Hello Olivia, Umbereen, Timothy and Jack!  I am happy to see you today.  

What will we do today in Reading Group?

First, we are going to read chapter 6 out loud from your book, "Dinosaurs Before Dark."
Then, you will answer questions on the computer!  I will show you how after we read together.

Some of the questions are all about books. The rest of the questions are about chapter 6. If you are not sure of the answer, you can go to chapter 6 again and re-read the parts where you think you will be able to figure out the answer.

DIRECTIONS: Here are the directions.  But, I will help you also.

1.  First, copy these words using your mouse.  

     session 2, chapter 6: dinosaurs before dark

2.  Then, click on the words QUIZ SESSION LOG IN at the bottom of the page, in the right corner.  

3.  Then, PASTE the words you copied into the empty space.  

4.  When you get to the page, type your name in. You can answer the questions by moving your mouse to the round circle next to the anwer you think is right. When you are there, click your mouse.  

5.  When you are done answering the questions, raise your hand and I will show you how to save your answers. When your answers are saved, you will get a score!

Do your best to figure out the answers on your own!

BONUS FOR FUN!:  After the whole group finishes the quiz, move your mouse and click on the first choice under "Useful Links".  This is what it looks like:

Have Fun!!!!

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