disciplinarynotice Mrs Wilmott
St Michaels Post High School Headmistress
It has come to my attention that a few pupils are spoiling it for the others. To correct this trend, and to maintain the good name of St Michaels ALL pupils will be required to abide to the following rules  outside school. These rules will apply until Feb 14th Sydney Time, when they will be reviewed.

Manners: All students will now address Mr Hitchen and Myself as Sir or Madam at all times

You will be polite and courteous to ALL people with whom you have contact.

Dress Code: All pupils will be dressed smartly at all times. Smart casual wear will be allowed on weekends.

Television: A maximum of one hours television viewing per day during weekdays, and two hours weekends.

Bedtime: 10:30 weekdays  11 p.m weekends

Any infringements must be reported immediately and will be dealt with severely. If no immediate improvement is shown, ALL pupils will be subject to disciplinary action, regardless of who commited the offence. You may use the Bulletin Board to urge fellow pupils to behave responsibly.

If you feel you have any valid reason why the above can not be applied to you, write to me giving full details of your reasons. Prior permission MUST be obtained before any alteration of the above rules can apply.

Irene Wilmott
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