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August 27, 2001

Welcome to Language Arts (reading, spelling and English) in 5th grade!!
The unit for this week is still Fantasy. We are reading and identifying the characteristics of a tall tale, a legend, and fables. We have worked on listening skills and will continue to do so.
Today (Aug. 27) we took the Gates McGinitie Reading test on vocabulary. Tomorrow we will do comprehension. You will be made aware of the scores. This gives us a "where we started"and at the end of the year we will take it to see what we have accomplished. We are expecting to make improvement in our ranking in each area. We are working against NOONE. WE ARE OUT TO IMPROVE our own scores in reading vocabulary and comprehension!!!!
We have covered Unit 1 in Spelling. It dealt with short vowel spellings. We have started on Unit 2 this week which deals with long vowel spellings. Monday and Tuesday are practice days...Wed. is "use the words" day and pretest. Spelling sentences are always checked for correct spelling, punctuation and capitalization. Friday is the traditional pencil and paper test.
In English we have covered identifying sentences and sentence fragments, practiced identfying correctly (from a group of sentences) the four kinds of sentences and writing the four kinds of sentences when presented with the type of sentence to write...example: Please write a sentence for each of the following : imperative, interrogative, declarative and exclamatory.
Everyone has done a grrrreat job!!
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