dixie Senora Dennler
Dixie Heights High School Spanish instructor
Monday, October 30:  We will review phone vocabulary, stem-changing verbs, and reflexive verb vocabulary.  Keep up with this!

Tuesday, October 31:  We will continue to review the previous day's concepts.  Today we will begin a telephone conversation, which will be "performed" on Thursday.

Wednesday, November 1:  Today we will have a short quiz over the reflexive verbs.  We will continue to review key concepts of chapter 7.  Time will be allotted in class to prepare for the telephone coversation.

Thursday, November 2:  Today we will perform the telephone conversations, which models key vocabulary and concepts included in this chapter.  The remaining time will be used for test review.

Friday, November 3:  Chapter 7 test!  After the test, we will do a couple of activities to celebrate the "Day of the Dead."  At the end of the period, a new vocabulary list will be distributed with chapter 8 vocabulary.  Chapter 8 focuses on the foods; therefore, there is a lot to learn.
Have a nice, long weekend!
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