Spanish 3/4 - Class Description
One Day Academy Spanish Instructor
The Spanish 3 & 4 courses build on the principles taught in Spanish 2 and is designed for one full high school foreign language credit each. Students will review and master Spanish grammar and verb forms. With clear and well-organized explanations and examples each student will have the tools necessary to continue in their study of the Spanish language and communication. In addition to the review, students will read books in Spanish and the Spanish Children's Bible with the goal of expanding language skills and vocabulary. Post reading assignments will expand the students use and mastery of the Spanish language. Finally, students will participate in weekly conversation exercises allowing to students to practice their speaking and pronunciation skills and become more comfortable with conversing in the Spanish language. The 80-90 minute class will enable the student to complete approximately 4-5 hours of work at home consisting of extensive reading, vocabulary building, grammar review exercises and dialog preparation. Daily work and class participation are essential for success in the class.

A materials list is available from the instructor.

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