dmallen2 Mr. Allen
Meigs Magnet US History teacher
This class will focus on the history of the United States, from the earliest inhabitants until 1877. We will be preparing for future classes in Social Studies by focusing on map skills, research, readings, and independent projects. I will expect and tolerate only proper behavior in the class.

Grading Breakdown

40% Projects and quizzes
20% Homework

Needed Items
1. A notebook that can hold sheets of paper and with pocket folders.
2. Colored pencils
3. Book and materials need to be brought to class daily

Long Term Projects

1. Native American Tribe Poster= Due Wen. Sept. 6
2. Diary of person living in the 1700s= Due. Wen. Nov. 8
3. Newspaper from the early 1800s= Due. Wen. Feb. 7
4. Play about the Civil War= Due Wen. May 2
My Quia activities and quizzes
Native American Word Game
Useful links
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