US History
Holston High School Social Studies Instructor
Welcome to Virginia and United States History. This course looks at the founding of America through the present day war in Iraq/Afghanistan. This course is a requirement for all students to graduate from high school. There is an end of course test (SOL) requirement for this course that will factor into the students final grade. Each student may be exempt from the final exam based on at least a C average, 95% attendance for the semester/year and passage of the SOL test.

Monday May 13, 2013- Friday May 17, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS on your 100% pass rate on the U.S. History SOL. I am VERY proud of all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week, you will be doing a project on the 100 most influential persons in US History. Make sure you are here every day, each day will count toward your final project grade!!!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Explorers and People Important to Establishment of the Colonies
Review the people who helped build the colonies
Identify the Colonies (New England, Middle, and Southern)
Can you identify the different Colonies?
Revolutionary Period Jeopardy Game
How much do you know about the Revolutionary War?
Revolutionary People
Guess who played an important role in the American Revolution
Revolutionary Period Jeopardy Game
Do you know your freedoms?
Terms, Events, and People of the Civil War and Reconstruction Matching Game
Know the key concepts of the Civil War
Civil War and Reconstruction Review
Study for your Civil War quiz
People of the Gilded Age through the Progressive Era
Who was an important player for this period of history?
Rags to Riches Review: Gilded Age through the Progressive Era
Study for your Progressive Era quiz
World War II
Essential terms for WWII
World War II Review
Study for your WWII quiz
Cold War Terms
Essential terms for the Cold War
Civil Rights Vocabulary Terms
Know the Civil Rights essentials
Unit 1: Early European Exploration and Colonization Practice Quiz
unit 1 quiz
Unit 2: European Colonization, Economic Influence and Slavery in the Americas Practice Quiz
unit 2 quiz
Unit 3: Revolutionary War Practice Quiz
unit 3 quiz
Unit 4: Constitutional Era Practice Quiz
unit 4 quiz
Unit 5: The Early National Period 1790's to 1850's Practice Quiz
unit 5 quiz
Unit 6: Civil War and Reconstruction Practice Quiz
unit 6 quiz
Unit 7: The Gilded Age to the Progressive Era
unit 7 quiz
Unit 8 Quiz: U.S. in World Affairs, The Great Depression, and the New Deal
unit 8 quiz
Unit 9 World War II Quiz
unit 9 quiz
Unit 10 Cold War Quiz
unit 10 quiz
Unit 11 Civil Rights Practice Quiz
unit 11 quiz
U.S. History Practice SOL Quiz
U.S. History SOL Vocabulary Review
U.S. History SOL Terms to Know
S.O.L. Review Challenge Board
Let's Play get ready for your SOL test
Age of Jackson
Andrew Jackson
1960-1980 Challenge
Cold War
U.S. History Practice SOL Quiz
2011 U.S. History SOL Practice Test
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