doctora Dra. K.
Jamesville-DeWitt Middle School Spanish 6,7,8 instructor
Bienvenidos Welcome to Dra. K.'s WEB Page for grades 6, 7, and 8 grade Spanish. On this page you will find a weekly "Monday Sheet" which will outline the goals for the week, many of the classroom activities and cultural projects, information about evaluations (so there are no POP! stomach wrenching surprises!)and the homework assignments. All homework is due on Friday unless otherwise indicated. Besides the list of supplies to bring to class which is posted on the school site, please also bring a disk to use for your writing portfolio (6th graders...don't panic, just bring the disk!) As the year progresses this site will also contain timely messages and games and extra-credit assigments. I will also list important links to sites that will help you get information on topics we are studying. You may e-mail me if you have any important questions about assignments or before an exam or even send a frantic Friday night homework sneaking in before 12:00! Please e-mail me directly without any attachments. My address is
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