dolingbusiness Mrs. Doling
Catholic Central High School Introduction to Occupations Teacher
Here is an interesting assignment for the Introduction to Occupations classes.  We have recently discussed different types of business ownership and what an entrepreneur is and what he/or she does.  If you look up these websites linked here, you will find some very interesting biographies about your favorite or maybe, yet unknown, entrepreneurs.  Select three (3) different people to read about.  Make sure you look through the various sites first, then read and take notes about the person you select. Once you have selected your three (3) people, you may go to other sites to find information about your entrepreneurs. 

What made them interesting or different?  Why are they famous?  What qualities did they possess?  Tell me a little about their background, etc...

Write up notes for yourself about your three people.  The report you hand in should be two pages in length --typed, be prepared to hand in your report--see date below. When you type your report, have the font no more than 12 in size and have the report double spaced.

Report on Entrepreneur due--Monday, October 2, 2000.

Test on Chapter 8 (you will need your notes and ditto handouts)--Wednesday, October 4, 2000.

Interview on Business Owner due--Tuesday, October 10, 2000.
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