dolingcomputer1 Mrs. Doling
Catholic Central High School Computer 7 Instructor
This is our first computer/internet assignment.

It concerns the Globefield Academy--Virtual Tour of England.  Once you connect to the website, leisurely read through the introduction.  There will be many opportunities to join other students in chat rooms to discuss and find out what it is like to live and go to school in England. (Make sure you have properly read the instructions to sign up for the chat rooms).  

To Do:

1)  Create a story using as many words as you can from the language page. Use microsoft word to create your story.  Double Space and have your font no larger than 12.  You might want to either bold or italize your words taken from the language page.  Use spellcheck and grammar check.

2)  Answer questions from either the sports page or geography page.  Again, answer in microsoft word.  Copy and Paste your questions from the webpage to word.  If the question has more than one (1) part and you need to go to another webpage, you do not have to answer it.

3)  Convert $1.00 from the U.S. dollar into the British Pound. Put your information into word.

4)   Either Post or Respond-- Five (5) topics into the discussion area.  Make sure you include your e-mail address and your user name and password.  You may copy and paste your postings into word.  Tell me how easy or difficult it was to open e-mail and do the postings.  What did you learn from this.

This assignment will be due in early October.  SAVE ALL WORK ON YOUR DISK.

Have fun.

Mrs. Doling

P.S.S. If you are logging on for first time, make sure you look at previous day's activities.
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