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Catholic Central High School Computer 7 Instructor

7th Grade Newspaper Project

Background: The Community you live in does not have a newspaper.  You are asked to create one using Microsoft Word.  Make sure your newspaper has at least two columns.


Create a name for your newspaper: Some newspaper ending names are:  Times, Journal, Eagle, Chronicle, Constitution, Post, Herald, News, Press, Tribune, etc...

At the top (Heading):

Type:  Newspaper name, Editor's name (your name), (exploratory number), Date & Cost of newspaper.  Use Fonts and Sizes for all information in the heading.  Newspaper names must be largest size and unique font.

Create a border:

Draw a line separating the heading information in number 2.

Write 4 different articles:

Two of the articles should be serious(one of these must be positive).  The other two articles can be "filler articles" such as weather, sports, style or fashion, business, movie or restaurant reviews, Dear Abby, etc....

Each article must have a title and an author:

Article title must be larger than both article and author name.  Author name must be smaller than article itself.

One graphic at least for each article:

Borders must separate each article:

One border should be a shadow box.


Be sure to check your document for spelling and other errors before printing.  One mistake you could possibly make is not putting 2 spaces after a period at the end of the sentence.

Have Fun and Be Creative!!!!
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