donegal Mr. Clark
Donegal High School Student Teacher, ninth grade Social Studies
Hello Ninth Grade Social Studies Students,
Welcome to your class webpage. From here, we will be playing games, doing activities, surfing the web, researching and simply discovering a side of History you never knew existed. This is set up for you, the students and hopefully everyone will get involved and have some fun with it. If you scroll down, you will see a list of links that I set up with different purposes through Throughout the semester, you will visit each site and I will be continously updating these sites for each new unit we start. One site is for specificly for class notes, activites, review and more. Another site is for projects that the class will complete on the current unit. I also established a website for your parents to get involved, stay informed, and have some fun while we all learn. This particular site contains information on the class schedule, upcoming tests and quizzes, and class announcements.  If you have any suggestions for any of the pages, just let me know, that would be great.
See you in class.  
Mr. Clark

Class Schedule for the Current Unit
March 10, 13-14, Fri, Mon-Tue., World Rev. Prep
March 15, Wed. World Rev. Notes
March 16-17, Review Notes, games, activites, team points
March 20-21, Book work or Creative Presentations

Quizzes and Tests for the Current Unit
March 16, Thurs. Quiz on Maps 3&5, team points
March 17, Fri. Quiz on Maps 3&5, team and individual points
March 20, Mon. Quiz on World Rev. Notes
March 21, Tue. Quiz on Maps 3&5, team and individual points

Additional quizzes will be given if scores continue to be low!!!  Everyone needs study and learn the information!!

The unit test will either be Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Class Announcements
Earn team points to be excused from unit test!!!
Useful links
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