donegalparents Mr. Clark
Donegal High School Student Teacher, ninth grade Social Studies
Hello Parents,
  My name is Andrew Clark, I am your student's High School Social Studies student teacher. This semester, I am working with Mr. Wayne Walters in completing my final requirement for graduation and certification.  I am originally from New Jersey and for the past four years, I have been attending Elizabethtown College as a Social Studies Education major.

  So, you were wondering what Quia is, according to their website, Quia is: 
    Pronounced key-uh and is short for Quintessential Instructional Archive.
Quia provides a variety of educational services, including:

    A directory of thousands of online games and quizzes in over 40 subject areas
    Templates for creating eight different types of online games, including flash
    cards, matching games, concentration (memory) games, word search puzzles,
    hangman games, and challenge boards
    Tools for creating online quizzes
    Quiz administration and reporting tools
    Free teacher home pages

I have established these websites, not only for the benefit of the students to learn, discover, and just have fun, but for the parents as well. This page is designed to keep the parents informed, involved, and in touch with your student's learning. I invite you to periodically check out these websites and stay involved with the student's education.This can be accomplished by simply scrolling down and clicking on the three other websites I have created. You will learn about the class schedule, notes and assignments completed by the students, and other important information related to the class. Through this website, the students will also surf the web, play instructional review games, and discover a side of History they thought never existed. I invite you to play these games as well, maybe you are just as knowlegable as your student, or maybe you can learn something yourself. There are also some other websites that you, as a parent, might find useful when using the internet. I am also trying to develop a website so that the parents may enter a username and password at a webpage in order to access the grades for the current marking period. I welcome any and all input and involvment,and please feel free to e-mail me or contact me through the high school at any time concerning any matter you would like to address.
Thank you for taking time and getting involved,
Mr. Andrew Clark
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