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Welcome to the Donegal Study Page.
On this page you will find links to websites that are related to the current unit, games and activities that will help you study the content of the current unit, various assignments to be completed and turned in for a grade, and a summary class notes given the unit. I hope this is helpful in studying for tests and quizzes, completing assignments, staying current with the information, and most importantly, having fun. If there is something missing or incorrect, let me know.
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Class Notes

March 14, Wednesday
I. Colonial Revolution
   A. Characteristics
II. Class Struggle
   A. Characteristics
III. Historical Cycle
   Reaction leads to Historical Hiccup
   Reform leads to Status Quo
IV. Congress of Vienna
    Such countries like France, Russia, and Spain
V. World Revolution (1815 - 1848)
    Conservatives attempt to restore power to monarchs
    People react, Revolution is the result
VI. England during World Revolution
    Not effected

Homework and Class Assignments

1. Keep studying!
2. Remember, team points are awarded everyday!
3. Maps and Worksheets to be graded Friday, the 17th
4. Book work for Period 4
5. Creative Assignment for periods 2 and 3
Games and Activites related to the Unit

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Websites related to the Unit

Scroll down and click on these websites related to
World Revolution.
My Quia activities and quizzes
World Revolution Vocab.
Basic Concepts and Vocab on World Revolution
World Revolution Jeopardy
World Revolution Jeopardy
Useful links
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