donovansci Mrs. D
St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School  
January 19, 2003

Hope you are all well and happy and ready for a new year.  All classes have been introduced or reminded about the Invention Convention.  The date has been set for the evening of March 4th.  A "Tribute to an Inventor" was due on Friday, January 17th and the Intent to Invent form is due on January 21st.  Many students have already gotten the "ok" from me to go ahead with their invention.  Many have not.  Due to the bad weather, we didn't have school on Friday, so your Tribute is due on Tuesday.  I'm interested to find out how many of you will also have your Intent to Invent form, since so many of you never got my O.K.  I hope to get the rest of the ideas very soon.  Please don't leave your invention work until the last minute.

I have decided NOT to continue this web site, due to the fee needed to keep it.  I have access to other teacher web sites that are free.  I will keep you informed when I get one. 

Mrs. D
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