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Hey, everybody! Thanx for visiting my site! I have made up a new language. I don't know what it means, but it is really fun to type! My language goes something like this: piggley wiggley mimble nimble smithermski! pigglepoggleewiggle woggleay mimble nimble piggleski! See! Ain't it awesome! :) You might run across it and some other strange languages in some of my quizzes. Another fun language is sparkley. Here's an example of sparkley: !!@@%%&&*&@##**&&%%&*()$#^><?":"~~~```.,.,.///???/+++====+=+---___******^^$#%^&()!@#$%^&*()************!!!! Sparkley's cool and it's pretty.
 Anyway, enough of the weird languages. A bunch of my games are about cats. You might think that I'm obsessed with cats. Well, if you do, you're right. I LOVE cats! They're awesome!
 My kitties names are Peanut Butter and Lisa Marie. My sister's kitty is named Priscilla. My mom's kitty is Precious. My dad's is Mitzy. We have stray cats that come around and don't let us pet them. Their names are Shy, Elvis, Oreo, Sherbert, and Peanut Imposter. We call Peanut Imposter that because he looks just like Peanut Butter and tricks us.
 Well, enough about me and my cats. I wanna know about you! E-mail me at
  See ya!
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