dorchester Jack Leonard
Dorchester High School  
January 2, 2001
Professional Development Day
7:30 Light Breakfast
the agenda is still being planned, but will include:
A. The new Performance Evaluation document. We'll hand out the new form, go over it, and answer any questions.
B. Standards-based Lesson Planning. We have been accused by everyone - NEASC, the Superintendent's Leadership Team, the Intervention Report, and now Sid Smith and the Senior Program Directors - of failing to implement standards-based instruction in some of our classrooms. Using material from Grant Wiggins, we will look at a simple protocol to plan - and demonstrate for everyone - standards-based lesson plans.
C. Breaking Ranks. We'll take a few minuts to complete the latest Breaking Ranks survey (for all of you who still have to complete this!)
D. The new IEP - for the SPED department
Lunch on your own. Come prepared.
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