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In the game, magic and powerful items are found besides the weapons.  These things are made by many creatures...unknown and strange creatures.  Goes in the order of rarity, from the most common to the rarest.

Fairy Dust
Fairy Dust is made by the Fairies of Ulipton Forest.  This stuff is quite common but can be of some help.  If you have a small wound, such as a cut or scrape, pour a sprinkle of Fairy Dust on it.  Fairy Dust is found in the petals of daises and roses all around Ulipton Forest.  It comes in small patches and is blue, purple, or pink.  It also can help against small diseases, such as colds or fevers.

Dragon Scales
Dragon Scales come from red dragons in Garganious Cove and Shogane Cave.  They are a little harder to find than Fairy Dust, but not that rare.  These scales can be found after a red dragon has slept overnight in one of the caves.  They serve also as a healing device, is you grind it up.  It can cure the dreadful Black Plague, which can take your life.  Not bad for something very common.

Satar Horn
Satars won't give up their horns unless you pay them.  Their horns are worth the price though.  If you grind them, then mix it with water, and drink, it will boost up yor agility and speed.  And not just for a little while.  It last for about a day, then wears off.  Save your money, and check in the Shop to see if we have Satar horns in stock.

Pixie Dust
This stuff looks similiar to Fairy Dust, but don't be fooled.  It is much more rare and useful than Fairy Dust.  Pixie Dust is made by the Pixies of Sabon Forest.  Unlike Fairy Dust, Pixie Dust is white and looks like glimmering salt.  It can heal serious injuries, such as a broken bone or a slit to the skin.  Pixie Dust is found high up in trees, on the undersides of leaves.  It is in small bunches and is not found often.

Fairy Wings
These are hard to get.  You can only get these if a Fairy dies, and they lives for 150 years....anyway, Fairy Wings can be found around Fairy Burial Grounds, which are usually located at the bottoms of shallow ponds.  They are at the headstone, if not, the footstone, and are usually swiped by other people.  They can heal you if you are near death, no matter what the reason.

Dragon Tounge
This is the rarest known itme in the game.  Dragon Tounges are tough to get because, one, a dragon breathes fire, two, even if a dragon's lifetime is 70 years, the graveyards are unknown.  What this does is awaken you from death...but you must be just killed.  What I'm trying to say is...say, I was killed.  My friend pulls a Dragon Tounge from my pounch, grinds it, and sprinkles it over me.  I'm alive.  Cool, huh?  But, let's say I wanted to bring my pet Spot back from the dead after 2 years.  That's just a waste of a Dragon Tounge.

There are still many unfound items in the game.  Try to find them!
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