drake Mrs. Drake
Northwest Heights Elementary Second Grade Teacher
May 20-24, 2002    (Monday-Friday)

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for all you have meant to me this year.  Due to my husband's ministry relocation, we will be moving to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.  I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching your child.  I've told many, "This is the class I have waited 10 years for!".  They have been so much fun and challenging to teach.  I will miss each one of them and the NWH family.  Your child is a blessing! 


"Carl Albert Park Day" on THURSDAY!  We will be at the park in the morning and for lunch.  Parents are invited to visit us at the park.  Students need a sack lunch and a drink.  If you do come.....bring me a diet coke from the "C" store! 

FRIDAY afternoon we will have a mini-celebration for our students with summer birthdays and be cashing in our Super Student Bucks for the last time.  If your child has a summer birthday and you would like to send a treat please do so.  We have 19 students.  I will be supplying the drinks. 

READING: We are continuing our unit entitled, "Exploration Through Research".  This week our story will be, "Buttons for General Washington". Your child's Open Court reading textbook will come Monday.  The story concepts will be:

1. Americans of all ages took risks to gain freedom from England during the Revolutionary War. 

INDEPENDENT READING:  We will finish our reading workbook entitled, "Nicky".  This workbook will come home on Friday.  Students have worked very hard in this!  Please take the time to look at it.

PHONICS: We will continue to review skills.

SPELLING WORDS: wonderful  terrible  different  alike  interesting  boring  young  elderly  correct  wrong  dangerous  safe  small  large  difficult  easy  beautiful  ugly

Bonus Words:  exciting  dull

SPELLING Sentence Dictation: We will take our practice test on Wednesday  and the students will hear the sentence then. Friday we will be our REAL test date.  This will give students 2 days to review the sentence and missed words.

LANGUAGUE:  Daily work in deskwork and spelling activities. 

MATH: This week we will be multiplying by four, creating two graphs using dominoes, doubling a number, and dividing by two. 

Most students are having time to finish Math Side B in class.  Check with your child daily.  If they do not bring home Side B they are using their time wisely in class. 

FOUR students IMPROVED their scores on the REAL TIMED FACT TEST. ONE person made their third 100! This will be our last timed test!  Congratulations to those who have worked so hard to master their facts.

SOCIAL STUDIES: We will complete last Social Studies unit entitled, "The Continents".  The students Science/Social Studies journals will come home!  They have worked very hard in them this year! 

Turtle Race Results: 

Round One:   1st..Michaela, 2nd..Darci, 3rd..Tyler S.
Round Two:   1st..Emilie, 2nd..Tyler S., 3rd..Darci
Round Three: 1st..Michaela, 2nd..Emilie, 3rd..Darci
Round Four:  1st..Michaela, 2nd..Tyler S., 3rd..Darci
Round Five:  1st  Emilie, 2nd..Michaela, 3rd..Tyler M.

Thank you to the parents/grandparents who helped locate turtles.  We ALL had a great time.  It was an exciting event. 

Have a Blessed Summer!  

Mrs. Drake

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