drakeman Andrew Drake
Malcom Bridge Middle School  
My name is Andrew Drake and I go to Malcom Bridge Middle School in Watkinsville, Georgia.  I am in the seventh grade and in my science class we are studying rocks and minerals.  As part of our class assignment we are supposed to make a web page about rocks and minerals.  I hope you find this page interesting and fun!
Rocks and minerals are really pretty interesting.  Rocks are hard and naturally formed by minerals.  Minerals are naturally occurring chemical substances that are the building blocks of rocks.  Most rocks are made of several kinds of minerals.  There are three types of rocks, sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.  Now you know the basic information but, there is so much more.
People who study rocks and minerals are called geologists.  some of these geologists go on trips all over the world to search for rocks.  You don't have to leave your town to find great rocks.  There was a man in Virginia who was grading a dirt road and found a huge diamond.  It weighed over 23 carats! 
Looking for rocks would be really cool.  I am sure I would not be as lucky as the man who found the diamond but it still would be fun.  Below are a list of some interesting web sites, please check them out.
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