Game Art 1
Person High School CTE Instructor
Game Art & Design 1 is a brand new course in the state of North Carolina and Weaver Academy is one of only several schools offering this course during 2009-2010. The purpose of Game Art & Design is to provide activities and experiences for students to help them develop an appreciation of the complex and challenging career of designing games. In Game Art & Design 1 we provide activities to simulate the real world of game development by having students create original 2D board games and 2D digital games. The process of game design involves brainstorming, teaming skills, creativity, problem-solving and reinforces many academic areas such as math, technology, science, and English. Students may wish to continue this course with Game Art and Design 2 offered at Weaver. Game Art & Design 2 continues building on earlier projects by exploring the world of 3D modeling, animation, programming, and creating a 3D video game.
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