Scientific Visualization II
Person High School CTE Instructor
Scientific & Technical Visualization I and II are courses focused on the principles, concepts, and use of complex graphic and visualization tools as applied to the study of science and technology.  Students use complex 2D graphics, 3D Animation, editing, and image analysis tools to better understand, illustrate, explain, and present technical, mathematical, and/or scientific concepts and principles.  Emphasis is placed on the use of computer enhanced images to generate both conceptual and data-driven models, data-driven charts, and animations.  Science, math, and visual design concepts are reinforced throughout each course.
My Quia activities and quizzes
202.01 Computers
202.04 Trends in Visualization Tools
203.02 Imaging Techniques
203.05 Web Page Design
204.01 3D Modeling
204.01 Lights 2
204.02 Animation
205.08 Simple Machines
205.01 Cells
205.01 Cell 2
205.03 Plate Tectonics
206.1 Preparing for Future
205.08 Simple Machines 2
206.01 Preparing for Future 2
V204.01 Lights
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