dsanchez Mrs. Sanchez
Valley Creek Elementary 4/5 Looping Teacher
Welcome to the Sanchez's Shishkebobs Web Page!  
 Please browse through this page for activities, homework, and upcoming events.

 HOMEWORK for the Week of April 17 - 20, 2000

Reading - Read 20 minutes a night for Reading Renaissance
Writing - Work on research paper if needed

Spelling -

Math - packet due Thursday

Social Studies - DOG, Cowboy Project

April 17 is Picture Day!

April 19 is the ALPHA Field Trip!

April 21-24 is EASTER BREAK!

Guys and Dolls is April 27-29, 2000!

The LOCK IN is Friday, May 12!!!!

4/5 Looping Field Trip is Monday, May 15, 2000- Please send $7.50 by April 20, 2000.

BOOK REPORT NEWS - The next book report will be due
 Monday, May 22,2000.  Create a book report of any kind with a partner.
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