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Unless otherwise indicated, chapters and page numbers refer to Strategies for College Writing:  Sentences, Paragraphs, Essays


Course Outline/Class Assignments, continued

Transition:  From Paragraph to Five-Paragraph Essay
Strategies Chapter 5 "Moving From Paragraph to Essay"

Ex. 5.1 (any 2); 5.2 (answer all questions)
Lab Area:  Comma Splices/Fused Sentences, Chapter 21

Week 10: Oct 30 - Nov 1
The Five-Paragraph Essay, continued

Topic for first 5-paragraph essay:

In The Piano Lesson by August Wilson, the characters confront and deal very differently with tradition as symbolized by the piano.  Using your own experience, identify a significant tradition that you and/or your family observes and explain the significance of that tradition.  What is its meaning to you?  What is its meaning to the family?  What does the observance of this tradition add to the family experience?  In other words, why is this tradition important to all involved in its observance?

The essay must have an introduction, body, and conclusion.  The introduction must begin with a hook designed to grab the reader's attention and must contain a thesis statement.  Each body paragraph must begin with a topic sentence that relates back to the thesis statement.  The conclusion must reaffirm the main idea (thesis) of the essay.  The essay will be assessed not only for the parts of the expository essay we have reviewed but also for sentence structure, grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and spelling.

Length:  At least 400 words

Rough Draft Due Monday, Oct. 30, 2000

Final Draft Due Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2000

Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2000:  Return rough drafts for essay

Coherence in Essays: Pay particular attention to the sample essay on pages 84 - 86.  

Wednesday:  Peer review of essay #1

Friday 11/3/00:  Meet in the computer lab for assignment on thesis statements and introductions

Nov 20 - Nov. 22

Discussion of Essay: (Transparencies)

Nov. 21:  Meet in the computer lab for lab period:  Sentence structure  (sentences from student essays); SVA/ Pronoun Usage (Web quizzes, if there is time)

Note:  the activities and links at the bottom of this page.
Nov. 22:  Meet in the computer lab
  Discuss revisions of "Family Traditions" essay with
  Revised essay due:  Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2000

  Click on the Bedford link at the bottom of the class
  Sign in when prompted
  enter the instructor's e-mail address as
  Click on "punctuation":  semicolons; do one of the
     Get results  (you are aiming for an 80% or better.)
  Click on "commas with introductory elements"; do one of
     quizzes; get results.  (You are aiming for an 80% or

Nov. 27 - Dec 4 

Nov. 27, 2000

Correction of Parallelism Assignment
Introduction to Documentation Assignment

In preparation for the next essay (#3) assignment (Documented), read "Does Coming to College Mean Becoming Someone New?" Strategies, pp. 481ff

Chapter 8, Gathering and Documenting Information from Sources, pp. 103ff

December 1, 2000 Meet in the Computer lab--evaluate course
Begin interview of two peers for information to use in paper due on Dec. 8th

Further discussion of comparison/contrast format for paper.

Bring information for paper to class on Monday, Dec. 4, 2000.

Review for Course Review Test

Course Review Test--in class on Wed. Dec. 6, 2000

Final Writing Exam--Dec. 7, 2000
My Quia activities and quizzes
Quiz on Sentence Structure
Composition Terms (Paragraph and Essay)
Terminology Quiz: Paragraph and Essay
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