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Tennessee State University Individual Skill Area Assignments: DSPW 0800
Directions:  In order to complete the requirements for the individual skill areas designated on the Individual Program of Study (IPS) form, you will need to read and complete the assignments as indicated below.  In most instances, these are assignments in the class texts:  Strategies for College Writing (Strategies) and The Modern Writer's Handbook (MWH), as well as tests/quizzes from the internet (ccc.commnet.edu/grammar).  You will be able to link to the quizzes by going to the general index on the Guide to Grammar and Writing site.  Make certain to complete the preparatory work in the text(s) as well as on the Guide to Grammar site before attempting the quizzes.  You will submit the preparatory work (exercises fromt the text) to me via e-mail. 

You are advised to read all explanatory material very carefully before completing the assignments and to ask the instructor about any problem areas that surface when you are studying a particular area.

The deadline for completing the individual skill areas is April 27, 2002.

In order to receive more than a C in the lab portion of the course, you need to begin your individual skill areas by February 2, 2002.

Verb Form and Tense:  Strategies, chapter 24; Practices 24.3; 24.4 MWH, section 12; ex. 12-1
Post Test ccc.commnet.edu/grammar:  Quizzes:  Irregular verbs I; Irregular verbs II

Pronoun Case Strategies chapter 23:  Practice 23.4; 23.5; MWH, section 15, ex. 15-1 (any 5), ex.15-2 (any 5)
Post Test ccc.commnet.edu/grammar:  Quiz on Who/whom; quiz on who, which, and that

Shifts Strategies p. 351, ex. 23.7 (pronoun consistency); 24.10; 24.12 (verb tense consistency)
Post Test ccc.commnet.edu/grammar: quiz:  Pronoun and tense consistency

Plurals and Possessives: Strategies, pp. 393, 421-423; Practice 28.12
Post Test ccc.commnet.edu/grammar:  quiz:  Plurals and Possessives

Capitalization: Strategies, chapter 27, 398-401, practice 27.3; 27.5; MWH, section 41, ex. 41-1
Post Test ccc.commnet.edu/grammar:  quiz: capitalization

Fragments: Strategies chapter 21, pp. 311-323; Any 2 items from the following practices 21.2; 21.4; 21.5; 21.6
Post Test ccc.commnet.edu/grammar:  quiz:  Repairing Fragments
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