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Mrs. Stavinoha
Katy High School - West
Algebra I & Block
Room #D221

This site contains classroom expectations, procedures, and a schedule of assignments.

Conference Period - 5th period

******Schedule of Upcoming Events******  


Mon. - Jan. 21


Tues. - Jan. 22

8-1 Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing
HW - WKS 8-1

Wed. - Jan. 23

8-2A  Solving Systems of Equations by Substitution
HW - WKS 8-2A

Thurs. - Jan. 24

8-2B  Solving Systems of Equations by Substitution
HW - WKS 8-2B and study for Quiz 8A

Fri. - Jan. 25

HW - none

Mon. - Jan. 28

8-3  Solving Systems of Equations by Elimination (+/-)
HW - WKS 8-3

Tues. - Jan. 29

8-4A  Solving Systems of Equations by Elimination (MULT.)
HW - WKS 8-4A

Wed. - Jan. 30

8-4B  Solving Word Problems using Systems of Equations
HW - WKS 8-4B

Thurs. - Jan. 31

8-4C  Solving Word Problems using Systems of Equations
HW - WKS 8-4C and study for Quiz 8B

Fri. - Feb. 1

HW - none

Mon. - Feb 4

8-1 to 8-4  Mixed Review
HW - WKS 8-1 to 8-4 Mixed Review

Tues. - Feb. 5

8-5A  Graphing Systems of Linear Equations
HW - WKS 8-4A

Wed. - Feb. 6

8-5B  Graphing Systems of Linear Equations
HW - WKS 8-4B

Thurs. - Feb. 7

Review Day for Chapter 8 Test
HW - Review Sheet (and study all chapter 8 assignments, quizzes and notes to prepare for test).

Fri. - Feb. 8

HW - none

Students have a Homework Assignment every night with the exception of some Quiz and Test days. Notes are given over each section. The notes taken in class should be used as a guide to help with homework.

Classroom Rules

1.  Be in your seat, quiet, and working when the bell rings.
2.  Bring your supplies everyday.
3.  Follow directions the first time given.
4.  All work that is to be turned in NEEDS to be in PENCIL ONLY.
5.  Respect others, including their possessions and their learning environment.
6.  Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking.
7.  No GUM at ANYTIME.


1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: Warning/Conference with Teacher/Counselor
3rd Offense: Warning/Parent Phone Call
4th Offense: Discipline Referral to Assistant Principal

Severity Clause: Severe disruption/behavior will result in an automatic referral to the Assistant Principal.

Tardy Policy

You ARE tardy if you are not in your seat when the bell rings. You will not be permitted to leave the room once the bell rings. Take care of going to the restroom, sharpening your pencil and getting all supplies to class BEFORE the bell rings.

Emergency Hall Pass

Each student will be issued one emergency hall pass per six weeks. This pass may be turned in and used to go to the restroom or back to your locker. It MAY NOT be used to excuse a tardy. Unused passes may be redeemed for a small reward at the end of each six weeks.

Classroom Procedures

Warm-ups -There will be a warm-up on the overhead at the beginning of every class period. They may be collected at anytime for a grade. Warm-ups are a great way to review previous lessons.

Notes/Notebook - Note taking is VERY important. Notes should be neat and should include the date, title, and all examples given. Use your notes as a guide in completing homework. Keep all notes, homework, and graded assignments neatly organized. You will be referring back to these when preparing for QUIZZES or TESTS. There will be a notebook quiz when the need arises.

Absences/Make-up Work - The day you return from being absent check the folder on the wall by the door to obtain assignments missed. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check for and turn in any make-up work, including any notes we take in class. You may need to borrow the notes from a classmate. I WILL NOT REMIND YOU OF THE WORK YOU OWE ME. The district allows 2 days for each day absent to get any make-up work turned in. I suggest you get it in as soon as possible so you don’t fall further behind.
If you miss the day of a test or quiz, you will take it the day you return.

Homework-  Homework is necessary for practice and mastering the material and will be given nearly every day. Homework is due at the beginning of the period. Please have your homework out on your desk during the warm-up. I will be checking the HW at this time. Homework needs to be done neatly IN PENCIL with WORK SHOWN, and answers boxed.
***NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. (even from your locker)


The following system will be used for determining grades.




Tutoring - Tutoring will be offered on Tuesdays from 2:40 - 3:30. Other days may be arrange if requested by the student in advance.

Responsibilities of the Student

Follow the rules
Participate in your own education
Be willing and patient success is not far away
Ask when you are not sure
Take responsibility for your accomplishments and your setbacks
Respect everyone in the room
Don’t give up or you will be taking Algebra I again next year in a class full of freshman. If you think one year of Algebra is drag, just think of two years.

Supplies for Algebra I

Algebra I textbook as a resource
red pen or pencil
3-ring Notebook (pockets are good)
5 dividers for the notebook (pockets are not necessary)

*Each class period will be assigned an item for the classroom use.

** Consider buying a TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator. It will be used in Geometry and Algebra II. Calculators will be available for the student to use in the classroom only. They will not be taken home. We will not be using calculators at all during the first couple of chapters.


As a 9th grader, you will be allowed one exemption during final exams each semester. Exemptions will be determined according to absences, grades, discipline, and conduct. More information will be given throughout the year. Something to be aware of is the number of absences excused or unexcused from each class period. For example, A grade of “A” will no more than 3 absences - could get you an exemption from the final exam.

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