dthomason Mrs. Thomason
Pleasant Grove Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher
Week 7 Spelling Words:

true     too     new     room     blew
tool     clue    boot    few      school
empty    poured

In math this week, we will be working on skip counting and odd & even numbers as well as addition and subtraction practice!!

Start Smart begins at 8:00a.m. We work on basic reading and math skills at this time. Please have your child at school in time for Start Smart. When a student is late, it puts them behind for the day. Thank you!

We will be going on a field trip on October 6th!!! DART will be picking us up at school to go downtown to ride the DART rail. Field trips are for Super, Super students only!! Be sure and get all your homework done.
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Week 7 Spelling Words
Hangman Using Unit 7 Spelling Words
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