dubois612 Mrs. DuBois
Lockhart Junior High School  
Find the reference that says "Christmas".

Pick one of the countries that is listed.  You will be able
to read about some other countries and their Christmas

Make a report to be given to the class on your country.
Include the following information in your report:
1.  Customs/traditions
2.  Decorations
3.  Food
4.  Songs (music)
5.  Gifts
6.  Santa Claus

Once your report is completed, you will share with the
class one of the following:

1.  A poster with pictures of food, traditions, etc.
2.  Map of your country, including special celebrations
    in specific cities.
3.  Food -- complete a recipe from the country you are
    studying to share with the class (Make sure you include
    the recipe)
4.  Model -- this could be one of the crafts, toys, or
    religious symbols.  If you make the model, please   
    include written instructions.
5.  Music -- make a collection of songs, play an
    instrument. or sing.

SECOND PROJECT: Pick one of the Christmas Crafts and make
    it as an art project.  Follow the directions given.
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