Español 6
Farnsworth Middle School maestra de español 6
Dear Parent/Guardian and Student:
         Welcome to Farnsworth Middle School and my Spanish 6 web site.  On this site I list homework, extra credit, dates of quizzes and tests as well as links to information that will be beneficial to you.   If you have a web site that is beneficial for language learning, please share it with me so that I may have a link to it from this site.
Students will communicate (listen, speak, read and write) related to the following topics this year!
---All About Me (to include information related to personal identification, family members
and pets)
---All About My World (to include information related to school, sports and other leisure
activities, food and drink, days and dates, telling time, describing items using colors, etc.)
The vocabulary and structures taught in Spanish 6 will be reinforced and expanded in Spanish 7 and Spanish 8.  Integration of culture is also a component in all three years of instruction.       


La tarea  (Homework):

Mon, Nov. 17  Homework sheet on adjectives with student names on it due tomorrow
Wed., Nov. 12  worksheet on adjectives with their opposites due tomorrow
Mon., Nov. 3  Due no later than this Thurs.  Practice the flashcards with your best pronunciation and learn the meanings.  Go through the set at least twice.  get an adult signature that you did the assignment.  Here's the link:

Thurs., 10/23  Finish crossword puzzle.  Due tomorrow.  You can skip three answers!
Tues. 10/21   Bingo board from paper passed out in class due. Follow instructions from the sheet.  If its not done, you won't play!
Mon. 10/20  Finish 5 questions for game for tomorrow
Wed. 10/15  FINAL postcard due NO LATER than Fri. 10/17 at beginning of class!
Tues. 10/14   Bring all info. for rough draft of postcard
Thurs. 10/9   QUIZ TOMORROW (matching) on colors, shapes, numbers 0-40, basic expressions, greeting, farewells.  Know how to spell Spanish in Spanish also!!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
La casa
Play this game as a homework assignment!
Family members quiz: session farnsworth
Family and Pets quiz
Practice on house and home
¿Qué hay en la escuela?
Review school vocab. for your exam!
¿Sabes tus colores y formas?
Los adjetivos
Review how to describe people!
¡Quiero ser millonario(a)!
Want to make money? Play this review game!
Do you Know Your Family
Repaso de "la escuela"
Rags to Riches: Greetings and Farewells
Useful links
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