Español 7
Farnsworth Middle School ¡Viva el español!
Dear Parent/Guardian and Student:
    Welcome to Farnsworth Middle School and my Spanish 7 web site.  On this site I list homework, extra credit, dates of quizzes and tests as well as links to information that will be beneficial to you.   If you have a web site that is beneficial for language learning, please share it with me so that I may have a link to it from this site.
Students will communicate (listen, speak, read and write) related to the following topics this year!  Information from Spanish 6 will be incorporated into this year's lessons:
--- shopping/clothing
--- weather
--- the environment
--- professions
--- chores
--- celebrations



1.  Go to the following website and using headphones, practice your best pronunciation of each of the words. Make sure you can hear the pronunciation of the words for each flashcard.  Start with Spanish on each flashcard.  Also, turn over each flashcard to see the meanings after trying to guess what the words associated with weather mean.  GO THROUGH THE SET OF FLASHCARDS AT LEAST TWICE!

2.  YOU DO NOT need a login for the following website.

---Watch and listen with your headphones to the video.  It is a challenging video because it is a native speaker talking and she uses some words you may not understand.  DO NOT get discouraged!  Listen as often as you need to!  Answer as many questions as possible according to the instructions on the page.  I will be checking to see how you are doing on the activity!

3.  Log into with your login and password.  Once on the site, read the message with instructions to you and go to activity#10.  The activity will say "¿Qué tiempo hace?".


--------LA TAREA-----------
My Quia activities and quizzes
Repaso (Lessons 1-2)
Review using your text your first 2 chapters!
Review for Chapter 4 Segundo Paso quiz
Review for Ch. 4 Segundo Paso quiz!
Review verbs and their forms!
Prepositions (next to, near, etc.) and "estar" forms
Los días de la semana
Match the vocab.associated with days of the week!
La familia
Match the Spanish family member to the English!
Review for Communication test
Complete the online quiz and send to me!
Re-take Mi Mundo quiz
¡Vamos a viajar!
Learn vocabulary associated with travel!
Clothing, "" verbs, subject pronouns and culture!
Places where you live
Lugares practice for test
You should do your chores!
"" verb quiz
El ahorcado
Weather, days, months, associated vocabulary quiz
Useful links
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