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Dear Parent/Guardian and Student:
    Welcome to Farnsworth Middle School and my Spanish 8 web site.  On this site I list homework, extra credit, dates of quizzes and tests as well as links to information that will be beneficial to you.   If you have a web site that is beneficial for language learning, please share it with me so that I may have a link to it from this site.
    This year students will continue to fulfill the requirements for Checkpoint A proficiency in Spanish AND HAVE A FINAL EXAM.  UPON PASSING THE EXAM WITH A 65 OR HIGHER, THE STUDENT WILL RECEIVE ONE HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT NECESSARY TO FULFILL THE NYS BASIC GRADUATION REQUIREMENT FOR LANGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH PRIOR TO GRADE 10.  Checkpoint A is the beginning of the curriculum and is a graduation requirement for all students in New York State. Checkpoint A:
• emphasizes simple, selected sentence structures, not necessarily limited to the present tense;
• sets the stage for oral and written communication for the beginning language learner;
• fosters cultural understandings;
• includes age-appropriate communicative activities, strategies, and goals that address the particular needs and interests of middle school students;
• encourages interdisciplinary connections; and
• is the first step on the pathway to linguistic proficiency.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR TODAY...Thanks Justin for schooling me in the correct date!

Go to:

Use your school e-mail to register for 5 free downloads so you can log onto the site.Once you can log on, go to:

Look for "la comida" sheet and download (descargar).  Write 8 facts you learned from reading the article.



Wed., Nov. 19/ Thurs., Nov. 20   Here's the link for the tortilla española in case you want to make it!:

Due:  Tues. , 11/25 for AC class and Mon. 11/24 for BD class (BD class: You will get this assignment on 11/20):

1.  Do flashcard pronunciation practice:

Get adult signature that you went through the cards, practicing pronunciation and meanings.

2.  Go to the following site and watch video.  Write 8 words in Spanish from video as well as English translation associated with food/drink from video that you feel you need to review/learn (as they may be words from recent picture dictionary sheets).


Mon./Tues. 10/20/21 AC/BD classes:  Quiz on places, events and accepting/declining invitations next class.  It will NOT be multiple choice/matching so make sure you study the words well and with the spelling!

Thurs. 10/15 AC class    Give me   assignment by  this Monday!  Look at info. by pumpkin on my site above!

Wed. 10/15  BD class     Give me   assignment by this Friday!  Look at info. by pumpkin on my site above!

Wed.,/Thurs. /Oct. 8 /9 !   Do e-mail to me (point # 5 above) by  next class. 

Thurs./Fri. 10/2 and 10/3   Do quizlet activities as per sheet received in class and get adult signature.  Due next class.

Once on the site, you also need to test yourself.  Click on "Test" and record score for me.
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