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Paul Laurence Dunbar High School Prof de Fran├žais
Welcome back, everyone (Bienvenue a tous)!

French I:  This semester we will move from the world of school to the world of outside activities, family and home, and travel.  Chapitre 3 - Passetemps (pastimes) et sports, chapitre 5 - l'aeroport (at the airport).  If you are bored with your winter break, now is the time to review chapter 3 vocabulary, look ahead to chapter 5 and try some of the French activities on Quia's home page.  A bientot!

French II:  This semester we will continue to work with the textbook (shopping, going out with friends (movies, parties) and also will do an exciting unit on French architecture and literature, culminating in Victor Hugo's famous novel of Notre Dame cathedral (known to Americans as the Hunchback).  Giant review upon return - if you are bored with your intersession, try some of the Quia homepage activities.  A bientot!
French III:  Besides our continued studies in our textbook, this semester we will be working on a special project involving distance learning.  Try some of the Quia homepage activities.  A bientot!

French IV:  Nous continuerons dans le livre, mais en plus, nous allons faire un projet special (voir Francais III).  A bientot!
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