dustingood Dustin
Hi my name is dustin good. i am 13/m/ny. i go school at Red Jacket (its near rochester).i am in 8th grade and play football basketball and paintball. I like music especially rap and metal. my fav. bands are Slipknot, static X, korn, system of a down, staind and coal chamber.

ME: of course.
Jon: hey wanna play basketball w/ anthony? lol
Cassie: mike ate your duck. lol
Amanda: hey pal, your jacket kicks ass.
Rachel: Hey fake g/f.jk lol
Meredith: I DONT love cindi.
sam: you are the queen sambo.
tracey: now your in my webpage.
jordynn: your in it too.
andy p.: i hope that kyle sits the bench on the spring team
rocco: you are awesome
mike A.: why did you eat cassies duck?
matt R.: bob bob crazy bob, keep cool bob. lol
rob P.: you are cool
nick: dont fight w/ rachael, lets all just get along.
Huggie: lets sit next to the retads at the movies again, it was fun. jk
if i forgot anyone, just tell me and i will put you on

my aol sn is salvationarmystd so you can chat w/ me anytime

for spanish help, you should visit my spanish teachers site
it will help you to understand spanish a little more.lol

e mail me at good_987654321@yahoo.com

                CYA ALL LATER! bye bye now.
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