dv2ap60 Señora
De Viaje p60 La vida diaria DeViaje Chapter pp60-74
Español 3
el 11,12,16 de enero-jueves,viernes,martes
1. Collect p32
2. Ofreciendo Comida pp72-73
3. Review 16-19 Preterite and write out all drills.
   Review 35-42 Subjunctive and write out all drills
   Review 42-43 Masculine & Feminine and write out all drills
4. Come up with a conversation using these expressions.
5. Be prepared to share with the class
el 10 de enero-miércoles
1. examencito p66 Planes Para Hoy Voc
2. ??? re p70 in text
3. check workbook page 32 A B C
4. listening comp p245 Conversacion A , 245 B Actividad C & D p246

el 8 y 9 de enero/lunes y martes Quiz Wednesday p66
1. review vocab pp66 and do p 67 again orally (as a practice for tomorrow's quiz)Remind students that subterraneo--refers to a subway (under-ground)
2. Have students work orally or written on ABC p70
3. Complete workbook page 32... A-fill in, B-minimum 10, C-minimum 6 sentences.

El 5 de enero/viernes

1. Pass back quiz on Hipó
2. Repeat Vocab
3. Call on students for Answers to ABC—Walk to check
4. Read info from teacher page 68- on rector & grading scale
5. Father asks daughter if she wants more,  Call on students to read in Spanish with good acting…
Daughter says she’s in a hurry and can’t be late for exams
Mother says she’ll go with daughter on subway because of a meeting and explains that they are allgoing to the operetta tonight.
Dad asks if she got tickets
Mom replies yes in the 3rd row
The son complains he prefers to watch the soccer game on tv with a friend
Father says its ok they’ll take an aunt
Son says he’s going on a field trip then has classes
Dad says he has meetings at the University and will teach one class today
Mom asks dad if he is going to invite them all to dinner after the operetta
Dad says sure and talks about a good priced restaurant
Daughter says she has to run, but first tattles the brother didn’t eat or drink his juice & calls him a fool.
Son says she’s a bigger fool, says he’ll drink his juice but calls her a gossip and says he hopes she fails her test.
Daughter whines to dad to have her brother shut up and like a suck up asks why does he always pick on me. And calls him rude.
Dad yells  Enough –Get to school… says he’ll accompany her to the mouth of the subway then buy a paper and cut his mane…
Call on students to read in Spanish….  La verbena de la paloma
6. Answer questions to page 70  A & B short answer—C complete sentence

El 4 de enero..jueves
1. repasa por puntos pág 29-31--anda y chequea
2. examencito--10 minutos
3. empieza con voc pág. 66  melena--lion's mane or hair like one, reñir--scold or tell off
4. haz pág 67 oralmente pero terminala escrita de tarea.
El 3 de enero…miércoles
1. Repasen la tarea pág. 64
2. Listening comp p241-242-243
3. Workbook 29-31
4. Examen mañana sobre Hípo y Débora

El 2 de  enero/martes
1. repasar el vocabulario en p 61 y ej b
2. re-leer pag 62 y 63
3. contestar las preguntas en pag 64
la semana de navidad "Harry y los Henderson"
el 17 de diciembre-lunes
1. Repasen los exámenes.
2. Lean juntos--hipólito
3. Hagan el último párafo.

el 14 de diciembre-jueves

1. Repasar el vocab con la pantalla
2. Sacar el examencito
3. Read and translate next 4 paragraphs--

el 13 de diciembre- miércoles

1. short writing on how you passed the time Tuesday
2. Check homework and collect p61--See Monday
3. Review vocab with the overhead for quiz on Thursday
4. Do workbook page 29
5. Read and translate (on paper) 1st paragraph 1 1/2 columns of page 62 Débora y Hipólito
6. Quiz tomorrow over pages 60 & 61--Practice on Quia

el 11 de diciembre-lunes

1. Discuss vocab and read la vida diaria p60
   entretenerse, diaria, de cuando en cuando,un cambio, nacimiento, boda, los detalles, el indígena, compatriota, el banquero, se divierten
2.  Do A write both words
    Do B translate sentence and write both old word and new word in Spanish.
    Do C Answer Si o No and change the No into a true statement.
3. Homework: Finish page 61 and study new vocab.http://www.quia.com/jg/23333.html
Capitulo 2, Vocabulario: El Primer Día de Clases

Capitulo 2, Vocabulario: La Vida Diaria

Capitulo 2, Vocabulario: Planes para Hoy p66

Look under 19th Century to Hear the ZARZUELA "La verbena de la paloma" midi
My Quia activities and quizzes
DV 2-page 60 La Vida Diaria Boxed Vocab Spanish to English
Know this vocab for the Quiz over pp60-61
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