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  De Viaje-Spanish III Final 2 3 4
Estamos para los exámenos y mejor para las vacaciones.

Make sure to bring a pencil... The exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions.  Study hard because you will have to think in order to answer the questions correctly.

Your study sheet has the major topics listed for you and you need to study the vocab from all 3 chapters.  And, there is a lot of vocab in each lesson.

Connect below with the sections of your choosing.  And go to the grammar tests in each section that have been developed by others.  Review it all Past, Present and Future, Commands and Subjunctives.  Don't forget to review when to use SER and ESTAR and the Special Verbs that end with A that are masculine and the words that start with Á
but take EL and are feminine... El agua fría.

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