Credit Recovery 6th Grade
Del Valle Middle School Social Studies Coordinator

Welcome 6th Graders!

This is the place to be to have fun as you practice your geographic knowledge and skills for World Cultures. Play the games below to prepare, then take the posttest to see how well you did. When you're done with the 6th grade material, use the link at the bottom of the page to help prepare you for next year's Texas history class.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Grade 6 - Economics
All continents, Europe, Africa, Central America, South America and the Carribean - practice map quiz
North America Pretest
north america hangman
North America Posttest
America, North & South: Physical Geography
South America Pretest
Mr. Brown's South American Geography Quiz
South America Posttest
Europe Pretest
Europe Map Quiz
Northwestern Europe
SOL REVIEW- Revolutions in Europe
European Geography
French Revolution Review (World History Text) sections 1 and 2 only
Europe Posttest
Africa Pretest
Africa Hangman
Africa Physical Geography questions
Chapter 18 & 19 - North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia
Africa and Asia: Southwest Asia and Northern Africa :Countries & Capitals1
Africa Dates
Africa and Asia Grade 3
Africa-Geography, Culture, Trade and African Kingdoms,
Africa Physical Geography questions
Africa Posttest
Asia Pretest
Geography - Middle East Jeopardy
Middle East Map
Unit 8 - South Asia
Japan - General Knowledge
Classical India & China Practice
Chapter 18 & 19 - North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia
Geography - Middle East Jeopardy
Asia Posttest
Continents and Oceans: Applying your knowledge to history
6th Grade Summer School Final
6th Grade Summer School Survey
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