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Welcome to Second Grade's Web Page - Fifth Six Weeks.

Theater Arts
We will have two theater arts poems this six weeks.
1.  March Poem
2.  Spring

Units 25-30

We are working on different stories.  Please have your
child read out loud for word recognition and fluency.
Please ask them questions over the material that they
read.  This will help to improve comprehension.

We will complete our study of adjectives.  The students
are now making their sentences more descriptive.  Our
next unit is over verbs - now and in the past, is, are
was, were, has, have, had, helping verbs, come, run, go,
do, see, and give.
We, also, have been working on stories for our books.
The books are about ready to go to the publisher.

Food Chain/Habitats

Social Studies
Texas - 3 week unit

Geometry, Symmetry, Fractions, Probability, and
Please continue to count money with your child, tell
time, and study math facts.  

OLSAT/Stanford 9 Testing
These tests will be given during the mornings
of March 1 through March 8.  There are no make-ups,
so please have your child at school and on time
on these days.  If you need to take your child out
for an appointment, please try to schedule your
appointment in the afternoon.

March 12-16 Spring Break
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