dwe3 Third Grade Teachers
Diane Winborn Elementary  
     Welcome to another great year at Diane Winborn Elementary. Third grade will be an exciting, learning year for both students and parents. We are happy to have 6 of our former third grade teachers returning to greet our new third grade classes.
     Students: Please be responsible in getting your planner signed EVERY night. It is your job, not your parents to remember to have this completed. Also, have your parents look at your Take-Home Folder on Tuesday evenings and sign the sheet in your Take-Home Folder as well as your Social Skills card. These both need to be returned as soon as possible.
Parents: Feel free to contact your child's teacher by note or by phone. Please allow a couple of days for a response. The school phone number is 281-396-6650.The third grade teacher's planning time is from 10:10 - 11:00 for full school days. Would you also take time to review each of your child's papers when they come home on Tuesday. It is best to go over each paper with your child and correct them to best benefit your child's learning. Please sign the Take-Home Folder and your child's Social Skills Card, preferably on Tuesday night, and return them on Wednesday. If you need an extra day to review your child's papers, please write the teacher a note so they will know you need more time.
      We are pleased to have all of our new and returning parents and students to DWE.
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