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Diane Winborn Elementary  

Dear Parents,
We are off to a great start in kindergarten! What a delight it has been getting to know your children.

For the first 2 weeks of September, we will be studying apples. Please have your child bring to school 1-2 apples of different colors and sizes. We will graph the apples, sort the apples, weigh and measure apples, as well as make applesauce and learn MANY apple poems.

The letters we are studying this 6-weeks include: Nn, Aa, Ss, and Dd. We will learn the name, sound and correct formation for these letters.

Our sight words for the first 6-weeks include:
the, my, a, that, and, I.

In math, we are learning to sort and classify objects by size, shape and color, name the 6 basic shapes (square, triangle, rectangle, circle, diamond and oval), and identify positional terms (before, after, over and under).

1. When homework is sent home, please have your child print their name on the paper with the first letter uppercase and the rest lowercase. Ex: Pamela
2. Homework is always due on Friday.
3. Please initial your child's Expectation page each night.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers for all of your help!
We couldn't function without you!

Thank you parents for helping your child with Kindergarten.
We appreciate your support.

The Kindergarten Team

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